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Four-Issue Subscription


Treat yourself to top quality journalism on a regular basis or give the gift of a four-issue subscription of the Box To Box magazine to the football geek in your life.

With a talented team of writers and designers who have previously contributed to The Guardian, The Blizzard, These Football Times, The Football Pink and In Bed with Maradona, we aim to provide the honest football fan's eye view and an alternative angle to a wealth of compelling stories from across the footballing landscape, giving stories outside of the sporting mainstream the attention they deserve.

Previous magazine themes have looked at intense and bitter rivalries, the strangest stories within football and the 2002 World Cup.

The subscription will either begin with Issue 5, 6 or 7 and three further magazines throughout 2018/19. The subscription includes four issues of the Box To Box magazine, limited edition covers and access to digital copies of the entire Box To Box back-catalogue.

Around 70-100+ pages, full colour, perfect bound and printed on 150gsm paper. 210 x 297mm. The subscription will include four issues of the Box To Box magazine.

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